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Philip Collins

Philip Collins

Let Tony Blair’s speech-writer improve your communication skills

Full Biography

“When Tony Blair and I discussed how to convey political ideas, I would always ask: ‘Could this be explained in a pub?’ Most political speeches fail this test.”

Philip Collins was Chief Speech Writer to Prime Minister Tony Blair. His work at No.10 Downing Street entailed the co-ordination, writing and editing of all the PM's speeches. This meant control of the process from conception through to the final delivery. His work included addresses on economic policy, European policy, education, health, law and order and the major conference speeches.

Prior to his time working with the Prime Minister, Philip was an investment banker, ending his time in the City as the top ranked equity strategist in the smaller companies sector. He has also worked in TV and as a teacher and academic. He has published two novels with Harper Collins and a number of academic books on broadcasting policy and public service reform.

He was Director of the Social Market Foundation, an independent think-tank and charity where he pioneered market-based reforms to health and education which were influential in persuading the government down that track. During this time at the SMF Philip became a regular contributor to the main broadsheet newspapers and appeared regularly as a pundit on political programmes on TV and radio.

Not only is Philip able to speak on how to write the perfect speech, giving instruction on communication, choice of vocabulary and how best to construct a sentence, he can also speak on his time in Westminster. Philip’s speeches are highly amusing and packed with anecdotes from his time with Blair, Brown and Campbell and other key political personalities.

Philip is currently a columnist at The Times and Visiting Fellow in the Department of Public Policy at Oxford.